No Crown Required

Raising a Confident, Courageous and Compassionate Daughter


How do we raise our daughters to be happy and successful in an outdated princess culture of impossible beauty standards, bullying, and disconnect? 

With honesty, humor, and a flair for storytelling, Susan Kay Wyatt lays the foundation for a mindset that fosters happiness and deep connection. A former Miss America contestant, she breaks down the four areas of competition, reveals their importance outside of the pageant and why they are necessary to lead an inspired and empowered life.  

Through personal stories that were pivotal to her self-realization, Susan Kay shares how she used this wisdom to heal her own self-esteem and mentor her daughter to be a confidant, courageous and compassionate woman.



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“This book is wisdom I have been sharing with my daughter since she was born so she will grow up to be an empowered, beautiful, inspired, loving, confident, strategic leader and positive force in the world.”
— Susan Kay Wyatt
Cover design by    Sandy Karp, SDK Media

Cover design by Sandy Karp, SDK Media


Daily Wisdom Practices


Susan Kay Wyatt has cultivated a deep and meaningful relationship with her daughter based on heart space principles and mutual respect.  Determined to empower her daughter with the wisdom usually discovered later in life, she shared her daily wisdom practices gleaned from a twenty-year passion and study of mastering healing, self-awareness, love and happiness from the day she was born.  While none of these concepts are new, Susan Kay has assembled the ultimate guide that will touch your heart with relatable stories and tools that not only nurture your most important relationships but will also impact the way you show up in everyday life.

Important life lessons that any mom can relate to, and learn from, in raising their daughter to be the Queen of her own domain and not an entitled Princess. New moms with infants to older moms with teenagers, the lessons apply to all. Your daughter will be ever so grateful for having such a wonderful role model in YOU.
— Susan Kay Wyatt