Apples, Trees and the Wisdom of Seeds

Out of the blue, my daughter said she wanted to buy some seeds, plant them and nurture them in her bedroom window. Actually, she first spouted research about certain houseplants and how they make the air quality better. How I love my Geek, who spends her spare time exploring random stuff that interests her. It is a constant source of fascinating information and always entertaining.

My first response was that we could buy some plants. But Elizabeth insisted on having the experience of growing them from seeds. My next thought was that I did that very thing when I was a girl. I not only had plants in my bedroom window, but I also had names for them like Linda and Noreen. Another "the apple doesn't fall far from the tree" moment that brings a smile to my heart.

My Mom grew up on a farm, and she always had a flower garden and a vegetable garden. She also has always had an enormous collection of house plants she dotes over. Plants love my Mom. She passed that on to me. I have always loved my hands in the dirt and the mesmerizing beauty of all things green.

My mind continues to conjure joy-filled thoughts of what I love about this aspect of my life. As I write this, deep sigh, and then I stumble across the deeper meaning of this "seed thing" as I always do, and the message I am meant to further contemplate at this very moment in time.

I am in a place in my life where I am embarking on a new career as an author and speaker. It has always been who I am, and now I own it. But it is indeed at this point a seed. Some days I allow myself to BE in the process and other days I feel impatient and hopeless.

Mentoring my daughter on her path as an artist and writer is a gift. She too is planting creative seeds every single day. She inspires me because she does the work. She knows that she will get there. She just keeps with the process.  I taught her that. I watch in awe as she follows her heart's leading and takes the time to capture sparks of inspiration in endless journals of ideas and drawings. She has a greater sense of who she is and where she is on her journey. And yet, some days she falls prey to feelings of impatience and hopelessness.

After a week of fear and doubt, I take a moment to honor where I am on my journey. Stay in the knowing that the seeds I have planted and nurtured know just what to do. It is in their "DNA." And that brings me to the reminder that it is also in mine.

I am that artist and writer. I have always been since the moment I was born. I am that gardener who cultivates beauty and healing in this world. And I am that mentor who relishes inspiring and empowering people to do the same.

As I click post, I think of one more important note. Of the four pots she planted seeds in, three show no signs of springing forth. Only the elephant pot sprouted. For now.

Some people would just see a seed and a pot, and leave it at that. That could never be me. What do you see?