Yes, We Have No Bananas

The other morning while everyone here at Chez Wyatt was in the kitchen getting ready for their day, my husband said, "Honey, was the grocery store out of bananas?" My daughter was walking through the kitchen for another cup of coffee and said, "Wow Dad, way to be passive-aggressive." I laughed and simply said, "Sorry babe. You mean the bananas that magically appear even when they aren't on the grocery list?" (joining in the passive-aggressive fun.)   We all got a big laugh, but let's take a deeper dive.

My husband and daughter are super excited about my books launching, speaking career and my coaching practice.  "Mom, go be huge already." "Honey, don't worry about us, we can handle things here." And then I get, "What's for dinner?"  Sound familiar?

I love being a wife and mom more than I ever thought possible.  And it occurred to me that one of the reasons I was hesitating to go all out is that we have a system in place in our family dynamics that will drastically change as my career becomes a bigger priority. I adore caring for my family, so this is a shift and a game changer for me personally.

Before we get to bananas, I have to give my husband credit for his "picking up carry out" skills. He is always on call, never complains and is happy to be of service.  I lucked out in the husband department.

Bananas.  My husband is an athlete and eats a banana every morning and uses them for smoothies. My daughter and I aren't big fans of the banana, and I can't have bananas because my bloodwork revealed that I have way too much potassium in my system, so they are technically "his bananas." Having said that, I always pick up bananas even when they are not on the grocery list because I adore my husband and know he needs them.

In true Wyatt World fashion, we dissected the issue, found the funny, and moved on. Then I lovingly bought bananas on my next trip to the grocery store. I reminded everyone once again of the grocery list that sits on the counter with a pen at the ready for all of their hopes, wishes, and dreams.

In the interest of transparency, which I highly value, I was honest that my head is in spin mode with excitement about writing and coaching. Full disclosure? Disclaimer? "Any items placed on the list may or may not end up in our kitchen. Love, Me."

This also applies to the magical, mystical cleaning up the kitchen, cat litter, laundry, unloading the dishwasher and you can fill in the blank. Even the cat is skeptical of the new energy swirling in our house.

My husband and daughter have always been happy to help with anything that needs to be done.  They just need to know what, when and where, and they are all in.  Always have been.  That requires a conversation. Having the conversation is the most important thing.  Then we can all be in it together. That is what families do.

I love my professional life, and being a wife and mom. I'm in it to win it, and they are cheering me on.

So, yes, we have no bananas.  We have no bananas today.