Susan Kay Wyatt | Coaching

Susan Kay Wyatt | Coaching

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The most successful and fulfilled people in the world have a coach or mentor.

No matter how talented, smart or savvy we are, achieving our goals and dreams is hard. It’s complicated, and we can get stuck. I’ve been there, and it was a life coach that helped me overcome what was holding me back. It was like a light that burned out got switched back on.

I realized that I was coaching people my whole life and it was time to own that part of who I am, in addition to my writing, music and fitness passions.

A life coach can’t give you the answers. What I can do is help you uncover them for yourself. The answers live inside of you. And I can help you stay on track and hold yourself accountable for each and every life goal you decide to own and fully express.

I’m talking about your whole life, in balance.

Career, family and friends, love & romance, fun, health, money, personal growth and physical environment.

What do you truly want?

Why is it important to you?

What are you willing to do to own it all?

Are you ready to take your life to the next level?

What are you waiting for?

What my (confidential) clients are saying:

“Working with SK really helped me to block out a lot of the noise that was limiting my potential. After each session, I felt focused and confident in the task at hand. She is a confident, cheerleader and a wise Buddhist monk all rolled into one! Could not recommend more!” - Vice President at a Private Equity Fund

“When faced with challenges in my personal and professional life decisions, Susan Kay consistently comes through with a direct, thoughtful, articulate response with uncommon clarity.” – Screenwriter/Theatrical Producer


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