Something Sacred Here (Backing Tracks)


Something Sacred Here (Backing Tracks)


These backing tracks have been edited and are without the “spoken intro lead in music.” Perfect for individual song performance outside of the collective composition of the original through-composed album experience.

Something Sacred Here, Susan Kay Wyatt's first release, is a through-composed journey of soothing sounds that takes the listener down a path to connect with spirit. Her use of meditative “spoken word”, a "conversation with God", at the beginning of each song is from her personal journey back to a life that fully expresses the artist within. 

This music is for anyone who longs to reconnect with their creative source so they can be who they are meant to be and express the gifts they possess that they may have lost along the way in the confusion and craziness of life.

"I always considered this body of work for beginner spiritual students who are seeking the truth about who they are. But I have been told it still rings true for those far down their spiritual path who have one of those days that they need a little reminder of the truth of who they are. Every time I hear someone tell me that, I give it another listen myself and I smile at how much I need reminded too."

Sound Vision Recording Studios co-producers, CC Thomas (bass, Jeffrey Osborne and Diana Ross) and Michael Sechrest (acoustic and electric guitar). Artist, Ming Freeman, keyboard and pianist, (Yanni).

© Susan Kay Wyatt | All rights reserved


01 Something Sacred Here (intro)

02 I Am

03 God Is Here

04 Called to Love

05 Let it Begin with Me

06 Images of God

07 Take a Stand

08 I Am Willing

09 Something Sacred Here Song

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