Why I Walk Differently in the World

Why do I show up in the world the way I do? I’ve been exploring this question my whole life.

I’m a creative, writer, speaker and artist.  I came into this world a fireball of energy with endless possibilities.  I over-think, over-“see” and over-feel.  I over-share. I look for beauty and deeper meaning in every day, everything and everyone I encounter. 

I’m obsessed with the journey of self-awareness.  I bravely look into the dark places and revel in the wisdom and healing that reside there.  And while I don’t live in the past, I mine it for the gold.

I endlessly marinate on every bit of information I take in, which I talk a lot about in my work: All of the “a-ha!” moments, the shifts, profound and simple truths. 

I am an orator. Talking is how I process ideas and information. I love the feeling of words in my mouth and hearing them resonate in the air.  I love connecting with people and sharing stories to make them laugh, think and feel.  And hearing their stories in return.  It is music to my ears and joy for my soul. Because of this, I am grateful to those closest to me for putting up with my endless over-analyzing and over-processing that is my passion.

Just recently during a conversation with my Mom, she said, “I’m going to hang up now so you can get to writing.” She so gets me.  What a nice way of saying, “Shut up and write!”

Thanks, Mom. for always knowing I was a writer and a speaker.  Thank you for listening to me talk and talk and talk for over fifty years.  I remember a family car trip to West Virginia to camp where I sat in the front seat between you and Dad before seat belts were a thing.  I was in third grade.  I talked for four hours about something I learned in school.  You and Dad both listened.  I lost my voice entertaining you by the time we arrived. What I remember most is the adrenaline rush and feeling of pure joy and passion for learning, sharing and feeling valued and loved.

My first book, "No Crown Required" is the story of my two-year involvement in the Miss America Pageant.  The impact it had on my life and the tools that changed the way I show up in the world are a treasure trove. Of the many pivotal times in my life that I recall and look to with awe and gratitude, this is a big one.

Just lately I find myself saying, “It changed the way I walk in this world”. 

I’ve been “marinating” on that concept as you can well imagine.  And several other things keep popping up in my mind that took me to the next level in my personal growth.  Six years of martial arts and self-defense was another game changer.  And most recently, reuniting with an amazing friend and mentor who coached me back into remembering who I am. There are so many more.

I look forward to sharing it all with you and hopefully inspiring you to share in return.

What moments in your life have caused you to walk differently in the world?  Something someone said, an accomplishment? A failure, a heartbreak?  A loss? Please do share. I can’t wait to hear from you.

Life is a gift and sometimes a great adventure.  Thank you for joining me here.

Together we live, learn, love, laugh and heal.